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We offer consulting on method development and validation

Dr. Gertsman's nearly decade long experience in a CLIA accredited laboratory doing both method development and validation can help guide your own lab's assay development and accreditation process.  We will guide you through meeting the rigorous criteria of bioanalytical validation, including aspects of: QC and QA management, selecting the proper matrix and internal standards for proper quantitation, as well as performing recovery, accuracy and precision analysis, among a variety of other tests that will ensure your method is robust and reliable.

We have developed a variety of quantitative methods for various target industries.  This includes the quickly growing field of cannabis testing.  We have a fully quantitative assay for measuring the pesticides and mycotoxins mandated tor testing by the Bureau of Cannabis Control in California.  We offer method transfer and consulting on the measurement of pesticides as well as cannabinoids in various types of matrices and products.

If you require a plug and play method without the painstaking process of in-house development, complete with onsite technology transfer, validation, and full standard operating procedure, contact us: We  will provide all necessary consumables, including stable isotopes and non-labeled standards, as well as the ideal stationary phase required for the method.


Chromatogram from an LC-MS/MS pesticide run

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