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Custom LC-MS method development

We provide custom LC-MS method development for: metabolite, drug, and peptide quantification

Custom LC-MS/MS assays can be developed for your analytes of interest.  Methods are validated for precision and accuracy using 4 levels of QC analysis and utilizing 6-8 point calibration curves run with each batch. Several applicable matrices will be tested to ensure background interferences are not an issue, while other factors such as recovery and stability are also tested.

Proper method development is difficult as issues such as resolution of isomers (shown below) or background inferferences  can complicate proper quantifcation.  We will carefully select the correct stationary phase and ions to monitor to satisfy rigourous bioanyltical assay guidelines, as typically used for clinical assays.  


A schematic illustrating how one column may not be suitable for separating isomers, in this case leucine and isoleucine, while another is.

Custom methods can be run in our laboratory for a fee for service charge, or be transferred to your MS-based platforms. Contact for pricing

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